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I’ve been asked to try to write my first mini-saga.
I’ve been inspired by my visit at Eilean Donan castle (below in my photo), in the Scottish Highlands.

The smiling enemies

Darkness is falling, tongues of fog cover the hillsides down to the lochs.

Eilean Donan is in danger.

Connor is on the look-out, the sword is drawn.

It’s morning, no attacks, relax.

But the enemy is behind: highway, buses and smiling French following a raised umbrella.

The castle is overcome!

(Maurizio Molinari)

Eilean Donan

Eilean Donan

In fact, we arrived when darkness was falling, the castle was closed, silence reigned all around and there was  no one besides us.

The atmosphere was really fascinating, you could imagine warriors, swords, battles, knights.

But when we came back in the morning after, crowds of tourists had already overcome the castle, and the atmosphere of the night before was disappeared.

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imaginaMini-saga, non avevo mai sentito parlare di questo curioso “genere letterario”; micro-storie di senso compiuto di esattamente 50 parole, non una di più, non una di meno. Direi molto moderne nell’era di twitter.

Ieri ho avuto modo di farne la conoscenza e quindi sono andato a leggermene alcune premiate nel concorso del The Daily Telegraph.

Ecco ad esempio la prima classificata:

War And Pieces by Mary Ann Slater

“Edge pieces first,” he decrees.
All others are rounded up, segregated.
“Blues into the blue pile, browns into the brown. Do not mix them.”
My moves are restricted (a tree here, a cloud there), while he attacks the castle.
I smuggle a piece into my pocket: the revolution has begun.

Come affrontare in modo più efficace di così il tema dell’emancipazione femminile?

Affascinante metafora con il puzzle …

Provo a tradurre (sorry per eventuali imperfezioni linguistiche):


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