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Next June, we will vote for renewing the European Parliament. Up to now however, I heard about names and general great ideals only. No specific ideas, and no projects.

I think that to be politically involved means to realize concrete ideas and projects to improve citizens’ life.
Hence, I presumptuously tried to imagine what I would do if I were a Member of the European Parliament (MEP).

If I were a Member of the European Parliament (MEP) I would commit myself in realising one great project only,

enable the building of the “highways” which would allow all European citizens, business and institutions, wherever they are, to actively participate, as protagonists, in the Knowledge Society.

Since I don’t like to attack from under cover, in a fit of faith into the future during the last weeks of the past year, I really tried to write down a project, and I called it,

A Broadband Future for Europe.
To build a European superfast Broadband Network based on fiber optic.   
For a forward-looking Europe.

A nine-page project I so divided,

As you can see, I also tried to imagine a logo and a motto which seemed appropriate for the spirit of my idea,

Connected to Europe

Despite what could be thought, the motivating factor was not technology, but a view of sustainable life, development models which could lead to a marked improvement of welfare in Europe.

I don’t talk of this subject by hearsay, but from experience. I am 39 years old, and I work on information and communication technologies, in general on “network” technologies applied to people’s life; I had proof of how those technologies can markedly improve the quality of existence in the respect of diversity.


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