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I tried!
Yes, I tried to have faith, and I really worked with all my strength, with great perseverance and insistence, as far as inopportunity, to have my European project enter the Italian political agendas with a view to the European elections in June, but I failed.

I tried to have them understand the importance and the urgency, in our times, to assure the digital citizenship (hence, first of all, the broadband connectivity) to all European citizens, business and institutions to allow them to actively participate, as protagonists, in the Knowledge Society, for a forward-looking Europe.
I tried to have them understand the wonderful chances lying before us, but also the immense risks of doing nothing.
But I failed.

During these last weeks, I maintained a due reserve. In fact, it seemed as if something was moving, at last. There has been an interest from some important national representatives, mainly from the Partito Democratico (Democratic Party), and from other parties as well.
I would like to thank those hundreds people who supported me.
I would like to thank Mr. Romano Prodi who wrote me no less than two letters in his own hand to support me – I will be proud to show them to Camilla when she grows up.
I would like to thank Mr. Hans-Gert Pöttering, the President of the European Parliament for his words of assessment, and of spur to go on.
I am sorry, but all that has been useless. At last, the parties’ nominations have been decided by the same old few names according to the same old self-referential logics, careless of the people’s will, without considering merits and proposals.

I have always thought that to be politically involved means to realize concrete ideas and projects to improve citizens’ life. All the rest is party hacks’ idle chatter.


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